Our Story


Look at the pictures of us at all the various markets and festivals we attend.  You’ll notice the same thing, every time – we’re there as a family.  We truly run a family business.

Growing up, it was the kitchen that was the center of the house, the heartbeat of the family.  Our whole world revolved around the kitchen.  It was where we ate, where we entertained visitors, where we did homework, where we had serious talks – it was truly the most important room in the house.

My parents immigrated here in 1966, and they only had family for support.  Our kitchen was always full of uncles and aunts, and more cousins then I can name.  Anytime someone came through the door, they were met with a hearty “Yasiou!” and ushered into the kitchen, where the table was filled – with laughter and love and food that will always mean good times and family to me.

My mom passed away in 2013, and for a while, I felt really lost.  I’m sure there are many out there who know that feeling.  Slowly, I came to understand why my mom was so attached to her kitchen, and to feeding her family, and making sure that everyone was happy in her kitchen — if you can control and master your kitchen, then you can do everything.  You can have great feasts with family and friends that are unforgettable, and you can have quiet, late night moments that you’ll never forget.

I want to share all of this, with my family.  All of our recipes come from my mother’s cookbook, which is in the original Greek, and handwritten, that was her mother’s before her.  We cook them all as a family, and we sell them all as a family.  We hope that when you enjoy them, you share them with your friends and family.

Our Story